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How to Move with Pets

We all love our pets. When moving with a furry friend, there are some extra things to think about. This will help them stay as stress free as possible and let you both have a successful move. Here I discuss five things that you should keep in mind while moving with pets.

1.) Keep your Pet in a Quiet Room: During the actual move, keep your pets in a quiet room, away from the action. This could perhaps be a bedroom in the back of the house. Pets can get stressed out from the noise and the moving boxes going in and out. Another thing that can stress them out is the people who are probably helping you move, whether it be friends and family or a hired moving company. An added plus to keeping them out of the action is that you will not have to worry about them getting outside and running away.

2.) Give your Pet Time to Adjust to their New Home: This is especially true for cats, but a good idea for any animal. When you get to the new house, open your pet’s carrier and then let them come out when they are ready. Let them slowly walk and smell around until they start to feel comfortable.

3.) Find a New Vet: If you are moving to a new town, make sure you have researched the vets and chosen a new vet for your pet before you move. Reading reviews or asking people you know who already live in your new town can be helpful to find a reliable vet. If your pet takes medication, make sure you have enough to cover the move and the time it will take you to get settled in to your new home.

4.) Update their Tags: After you move, get new tags with your new address and phone number (if you change your phone number). You will also need to update the microchip information.

5.) Pack a Bag of Essentials: Just like you will need to do for yourself and your family, pack a bag of essentials for your pet. This should be items that you know you will need for the first few days while you are getting settled in. Things like pet food, a leash, a chain if your new home won’t have a fenced back yard, cat litter, food and water bowls, maybe even some treats! Keep things in an easy to find place so they are readily available when you get to your new home.

Moving with a pet does add some extra things to think about, but it can be done. Just keep this list handy! In no time, your pet will warm up to your new home and be happy to be there with you.